this is Ava...

Ava is a 15 year old singer/songwriter from the Toronto suburb of Vaughan, Ontario.  Growing up, Ava had a knack for grabbing attention with her charm and wittiness and kept interest with her natural ability to sing and put on a show. She has been singing with a vocal teacher since the age of 6 and then at age 11 became a member of Girlpow-R, a poprock group of young girls who perform and sing to inspire youth with their songs and social causes. She has made television appearances on Breakfast Television, eTalk, YTV and radio interviews on Sirius radio, Fresh 95.3, and 105.9 York Region.

She co-wrote, recorded and released an EP with Girlpow-R entitled, "This is US", consisting of 6 songs and videos.  She then went on to try out her songwriting skills by writing her first song "You don't know me"  produced by Neel Dani.

Following that, she then collaborated  with songwriters Rosanne Baker-Thornley and North Easton and released her first original song "You don't really need to change" produced by Will Schollar and released November 30 2018.

After much hard work and dedication, Ava has been recognized along with her band mates in Girlpow-R, with a JUNO nomination for children's album of the year for 2020!

Ava keeps busy growing in her craft by spending time surrounding herself with musicians and artists. She is currently in the studio and plans to release new music later this year!